Tales of Kindness

     If you haven't met my beautiful daughter, Taylor, here's a little backstory. Taylor was born with Down Syndrome and a critical, congenital heart defect. Failing to thrive for the first two years of her life. The doctors did not expect Taylor to live past the age of 2-years-old. Fast-forward, here we are looking forward to her 30th Birthday in January of 2021. 

     Now that's not all...after reading published copies of Books 1 and 2 in the Fox Hollow Series, Taylor began to ask very poignant questions about the messages for children and questioned me about the process of writing and publishing a book. She began to spend time with me in the studio. Sometimes in active participation and sometimes just hanging out with a book, magazine or an ipad while observing. After only a few weeks, she approached me with a concept for Book 4. Taylor's concept included a Title and a couple art renderings for consideration. At this stage, I was launching book 3 and ready to explore other creative ideas.

     The Fox Hollow Series was inspired by my family and our unique journey with Taylor and her older brother, Brent. The sweet forest animals were inspired by the joy I have discovered in outdoor adventures with my husband, Jeff. Today I am deeply honored to be working with Taylor, as a mother-daughter duo, to help her bring her heart desire to create loving messages for children, to all of you. Who knew Momma Fox and her two young cubs and the whole Fox Hollow Series gang would have so much love to share. 

     Book 4 in the Fox Hollow Series, Tales of Kindness, is expected to be published in time for Christmas 2020. What a wonderful note to end an incredibly confusing and difficult pandemic year on. The stories are for children but the messages are for us all.

Taylor reading Book 1 in the Fox Hollow Series

Merry Christmas and Happy Adventures,
Bonnie J. Gibson
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No Matter Our Differences, God Loves Us All









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